Citrix Receiver for Android\Windows Phone crashes while configuring NS Gateway URL

Recently I was involved in spinning up a Citrix Demo environment to showcase all the EUC stuff(read: good stuff) to our customers. Our environment, was based on Citrix XenDesktop 7.6, XenMobile 10 and NetScaler Gateway 10.5.

In order to cut down the time to setup the NetScaler Gateway 10.5 – I relied on the new “XenApp and XenDesktop Wizard” which was cool but still a bit buggy (understatement)! 🙂

Cutting to the chase, after we configured the NetScaler Gateway 10.5 and default Session Policies – none of the Android or Windows Phone\Surface Pro 3 could logon to the NS Gateway. The receiver would just simply crash as soon as you populate the FQDN (URL of NS Gateway). Weird, very weird!

I tried all the tweaks in the Session Profile | Client Experience | URL Encoding = Clear, Client Type = Java , Security = Allow Secure Browse, Authorization = Allow. None of them worked. In contrast, the iOS receivers were sublime! Who dunnit??

Cause: AppFW – App Firewall gets enabled when you setup NetScaler Gateway 10.5 using the XenApp and XenDesktop wizard.

If you inspect /var/log/ns.log, you might come across “invalid session cookie” blocked by AppFW – this gives you the hint AppFW is turned ON!!


Resolution: Logon to NetScaler GUI | System | Settings | Configure Basic Features | “untick AppFW” if you don’t need it.

Easy when you know how… 😉


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